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Mr Miss & Mrs India. Org

Welcome to the official website of the Mr Miss and Mrs India  Org.

 This is your chance to showcase your beauty, confidence, and intelligence on a national stage.

Register now and become a part of this prestigious event that celebrates beauty beyond boundaries. Join us and make your mark in the world of fashion and entertainment!


"It's an honour to introduce our state-level winners, who have worked tirelessly to represent their state and showcase their skills on the national stage."

Mr, Miss & Mrs Maharashtra

MR. Miss & Mrs. Maharashtra India 2022
Venue : Pune, Maharastra

"Register now for the most prestigious pageant of the year - Mr, Miss & Mrs India 2023 and showcase your charisma and beauty on a National stage!"

mr miss mrs india 2023.png

Criteria for
Mr, Miss & Mrs India 2023

  1. Age: Participants should be between the ages of 18 to 35 years for Mr and Miss categories and 21 to 45 years for the Mrs category.

  2. Nationality: Participants must be Indian citizens.

  3. Height: There may be a minimum height requirement for some categories, such as 5'1" feet and above for males and 5' feet and above for females.

  4. Fitness: Participants should be in good physical shape and have a healthy lifestyle.

  5. Personality: Participants should possess confidence, charm, and an outgoing personality.

  6. Documentation: Participants will be required to provide identification provided by Indian Gov. and Registration Fees Recipet during participation in the show.

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